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Jesus by SavedArt

The previous critique had confirmation bias written all over it and I'm sorry to say that all the stars this piece was given is unfounded. You may love Jesus but that doesn't make this piece any good. I know I'm probably going to get hate for this but let's go through the list shall we.

Vision: One star and you're lucky to get that. Mostly because it's a better try than most "phrase on a empty background" pictures I've seen. You added texture, various texts sizes and swirls and you obviously have some understanding of balance. However despite your effort the vision could have been bigger, for a lack of better words.

Originality: Half a star, and only because I have to give you something. As I've said before it's better than most phases on a background pictures. But that's just it, these have been done to death. They are so old my parents have a sewn quote from the bible in a frame that's older than I am. If your going to do something like this it's going to have more than the rest to even resemble something original.

Technique: Half a star. Pretty standard stuff to be honest. Clipping mask on the swirls and texts. But the quality of that which is being clipped, some purple and pink dots over a dark reddish background that loops like it was screen-capped from a screensaver, is pretty dang low. Either you got a poor picture or you saved said picture as a jpeg. You can also see that poor quality on the Jesus figure which looks like a piece of clip-art taken from power-point or the internet. If you did make that Jesus figure I have to say your style remarkably lacking any sort of personality to be so easily mistaken for clip-art. The texture is again standard and the vignette, the border around the picture that is, is probably the only slightly unique thing here.

Impact: Half a star. Impactful only in confirmation bias. Perhaps I am a bit bias in this instance, being that I've tried and failed at being religious since no deity gave me good reason to believe. However even as a piece for religion it fails. Let's look at something like Serrano Andres, who is most famous for his photography of a Jesus crucifix in a jar of urine. Most found it blasphemous and instantly hated the piece and the artist. However when ask, a nun got it right. The piece isn't meant as a slant against religion, but a protest to what people have done to religion. In her own words, "this is what we do to Jesus every day." Now that has impact, that really says something. This however says very little even with it's pretty words.

Sorry to rain on your parade folks, I'm just being an honest critic here.
4 out of 4 deviants thought this was fair.


Rook2Pwn Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2013  Student General Artist
Cool? I have to say I'm a touch confused by that reply. XD
SavedArt Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2013  Student Digital Artist
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